Phase II

 So here’s the thing. I’ve always wanted to be a writer, since I was a child. I suppose at this point I am a writer. I’ve published a book, it has my name on it, people have read it. Writing CONventional Wisdom was journey for me, at times a terrifying one. I’ve always wanted to … Continue reading Phase II


We are ready to launch at Nashville next month! We hope to see everyone there! We are planning to meet at the hotel bar Friday night, stop in and say hi! We are happy to release our final list of contributors! Please welcome.... Jason Manns Musician/Songwriter Hayden Lee Musician/Songwriter Chris Schmelke Photographer Carrie Genzel Actress … Continue reading Update!


How did you get involved in the fandom? What do you get out of attending cons? One of our contributors Shani Irvine shares her answers in this essay. She describes a lot of what will be shared in the book. To read more of Shani's work go to and look for her contributions in … Continue reading Fandom


We have received some amazing stories and can't wait to share them with you! We are securing a few more contributors and will continue to update as we do so!  We are currently planning our release date and party location, stay tuned for more info! Be sure to follow us on Twitter @SuperConWisdom and on … Continue reading Update


As promised, we are adding to our list of contributing authors! Please welcome: Tanya Cook and Kaela Joseph from Always Keep Nerd Fighting Shelley with Con-Quest Journals Lynn Zubernis of Fangasm Chris Schmelke Convention Photographer We will be adding more as they are confirmed, we are so excited to have these … Continue reading Update!

WaywardAThon: Riffing Episodes, Creating Community By: Tanya Cook

Two years ago, on a whim, I decided to have a mini Supernatural Marathon.  It was the last night of winter break before classes started for the semester.  Anticipating that I wouldn’t have much time for TV after classes started, I made plans to watch all of the Supernatural episodes featuring The Trickster (aka Gabriel) … Continue reading WaywardAThon: Riffing Episodes, Creating Community By: Tanya Cook