The Heist

There has been a lot of news coming out lately about Supernatural, the cast, the cons and what will happen next. It’s been a rough year, our show is ending, the cons have all been rescheduled, many are out of work and things have been pretty bleak.

Music has gotten me through the last few months, it’s always been my number one coping skills, this year with everything else unexpectedly taken, banned and canceled, music is really all that was left. I’ve streamed more shows and stage-its then ever before, expanded my playlists, looked for new artists.

Every Tuesday for the last 25 weeks (yes 25 and I swear 15 of them were in March) I’ve listened to Jason Manns Quarantine Tuesday on Stage It. I watched when I worked from home, the last couple months I’ve let it play in the background in my office. The chat never fails to entertain, and the music gives me hope, that my friends, the fandom, will continue, will meet again.  It’s been a constant in a year full of change and uncertainty.

               I’ve made my best friends through the music of Jason and Louden Swain and found so many more favorite musicians that I wouldn’t have otherwise. That all started in Jason’s hometown of Bowling Greene.

               Bowling Greene is a small town. I lived not too terribly far from it, in another small town no one has ever heard of. Seattle has my heart, but the middle of nowhere Virginia will always be home. I’ve spent enough time in Bowling Greene through my day job to know that it’s a lovely little town, I’ve done a couple fundraisers there and found the community to be giving and charitable.

                Among all the news that came out this week, the piece I’m most excited about combines a few of my favorite things, music and small towns and some of my favorite people.

Jason Manns announced on Monday plans to open The Heist. A recording studio and venue for live music with live streaming capabilities. I’m excited about this for so many reasons. I’m thrilled for Jason and Bowling Greene, and this is also kind of personal. I love Bowling Greene, that’s where my first fandom related show was, the closest one to a hometown show for me.

I also know that music in small towns can be hard, venues are rare and recording studios are all but nonexistent. I’ve shoved my share of vans and station wagons full of amps and guitars to take to someone’s garage. Musicians in small towns rarely have the opportunity to play for people outside of town, let alone record an album.

               The Heist could change that for musicians in Virginia. Live streaming capabilities will allow people worldwide to hear new music and see it live. It will also serve as venue for musicians to play in, a unique stop on an East Coast tour.  The Heist will be located in a 100 year old building in the heart of Bowling Greene. Keeping with the intimate vibe it will hold between 75-100 people and will be inspired by some of the smaller venues frequented by Jason and friends.

Music is important, so is building dreams, The Heist will include both. Live music brings people together and builds community. The Heist is an opportunity to do that in Bowling Greene, to provide a space for new musicians and a tour stop for established ones, to bring more people and vitality to small town that is already starting to grow, and to give a stage to so many voices.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to be involved with this project from beginning. An Indiegogo campaign is currently running to raise funds to make this a reality. There are several levels to choose from, each with it’s own perks, from the standard t-shirts and shot glasses to wine tastings and recording sessions, every little bit will help to open the doors of the The Heist. Donate if you can, spread the word, let’s bring live music to little towns.


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