Spread Kindness and Love Loudly!

I have refrained from getting too political thus far and will likely continue to do so. I will admit that I am not thrilled about the current political climate, our leaders, or their decisions. However, there are more important matters at hand here. There is too much hate and divisiveness today. At this time of year, we’ve come to expect a certain about of kindness and charity to be about, for people to change their attitudes and be a little friendlier. That doesn’t seem to be the case this year. I can’t say for certain that our political state is the reason for this, however I am confident in saying that there is a correlation.

This change, any change really, has to start somewhere and being that person isn’t easy. It is easier right now to join in the hate, to be right and righteous, rather than kind or compassionate. It is hard, really, really hard, to actually be the change we want to see.  It takes no courage and no strength to judge or name call, to mock or to blame, to hate. It takes both, in abundance, to love others and to be kind. It is by no means for the faint of heart. It is something I’ve been working on lately, looking for opportunities to be kind, to spread love the way my favorite fandom requires. I’ve learned a lot in the process.

I have found that it easier to give somethings rather than others. It is easier to give money or objects than it is to give forgiveness or a second chance. It may be easier to give to strangers than it is to those closest to us. That isn’t o.k., it contributes still to the unrest and underlying anger. If we are going to change the world through love and kindness we must do so loudly and at every level. Big things and small things are available all the time, they are difficult, maybe uncomfortable, yet still so important. Let someone in front of you, hold the door, don’t curse at the person who cut you off, offer a compliment, give someone the last cookie, let your spouse have the last word, talk to people, all people. If you have the means to donate time and/or money do it but don’t let it stop there. Allow kindness and love to permeate everything aspect of your life, spread in every interaction. It will be hard, to love those that hate you, to be kind to those that are ungrateful but that is what must be done.
These are trying times right now. Those that should be setting an example for us to follow are failing. Lies and hate and judgement are being used rather successfully to drive us further from each other. I believe that it can be fixed, that we can overcome through not only acts of love and kindness but the attitudes of them as well. It is all well and good to discreetly donate to a charity, we need to be louder now. Let the love and kindness be heard, be visible, make it so loud that is undeniable.

I’m no longer looking for opportunities to be kind or loving to others, I’m simply being those things all the time as much as I can. I won’t argue, I will discuss. I won’t criticize, I will help. I won’t judge, I will love. It’s possible I suppose that I’m wrong and that this won’t make any difference at all. Perhaps I’m crazy for thinking that this world can change at all, let alone that I have any influence on if it does. It doesn’t matter. I would rather live a life of love and kindness, making a difference in any small way I can, even I’m wrong. Love and kindness are never, ever, wasted, when given freely.

Look for opportunities today, look for ways that you can make someone’s life easier, someone happier, for ways to help and ways to bring about change. You will find, as I did, that the opportunities are infinite, there is no option really but to remain in that state. It will get hard again, you’ll be angry or sad, things that are unfair and unjust will happen and at times it will feel hopeless, it is not. During those times, look around you, at the love and kindness that you have already shared and inspired, let others be the light just for a little bit, then, start again, a little louder.




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