I wanted to thank everyone who has submitted their story so far. It has been so much fun to read them. This week we are focusing on stories about the music at the con. As many of you know the music is what made my own con experience so significant, I’m really looking forward to reading about the experiences of others. Remember you don’t need to wait for a specific topic to be featured and your story doesn’t need to be about just one thing. If you were inspired to make a change or start something new, if a con helped you to find yourself or be yourself, we want to hear about it. We are asking that all stories be submitted by February 14, so there is still time if you or someone you know would like to submit a story.  We will also interview you and write up your story if that is your preference. If your story is chosen for inclusion you will be notified via e-mail by the end of February. Please keep an eye out for follow up e-mails with questions about your story prior to that date. You don’t have to be a fan to participate, we are accepting stories from anyone who has participated in a con and experienced a significant impact including stories from volunteers, vendors, charities and performers!

Currently, we are accepting pictures and artwork to feature on our website. Please send your original work to conventionalwisdomspn@gmail.com

We have also been working on securing other contributing authors and have some really exciting people joining us! We will be making announcements as they are finalized.

Thank you so much for joining us on this journey!

April and Melissa


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