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In honor of the Wayward Sister’s Premier this week’s theme is WAYWARD! Were you inspired by a wayward sister? Kim, Brianna, Rachel, Ruth, Emily? Did a con inspire you to follow or show your wayward side? We want to hear about it! If you would like to submit your story please email it to Remember you can submit your story via interview as well!





This week we are looking for stories about how the convention increased your self-esteem, inspired you to try something new or take a chance or helped you find yourself. Check out the excerpt below for an example. Remember if you are hesitant to write your story, we will be happy to interview you and write it up. If you would like to submit your story please fill out the form under the Contact tab and paste your story into the comment section.

***If your story is chosen to be published you will be contacted via e-mail. We reserve the right to edit all stories for the purposes of space and clarity,however the original author will be asked for final approval prior to publishing.If your story is not chosen to be published in the book, it will be published on this site after the book release.***

All the cast members encourage fans to be themselves, to love themselves; this message is especially loud during the panels of Kim Rhodes, Brianna Buckmaster and Rachel Miner. During these panels, there are continuous messages of self-acceptance and an offer of genuine support from each of these remarkable women. For many the thought of being themselves, unapologetically is terrifying. There is a stigma that comes along with any type of mental illness and a separate but equally troubling one associated with being a fangirl/boy. This message, then to be yourself, and to love yourself, is a powerful one. For those that hear it and accept it and live it, those words can are empowering and can be life changing. The example and kind words given by these amazing casts members, combined with their unwavering support and a little bit of badass attitude, have led to many coming forward with their stories, sharing the chances they took, the confidence that they have gained and the changes they have made.